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If you missed it, I answered the “all shows in one universe" questions a few days ago.

Btw, if you want to see pics from our wrap party you can check them out here on our WTS facebook page.


I’d like to clarify a couple things. Welcome to Sanditon was a show that was developed and…



Gigi Darcy’s announcement that she will be staying in Sanditon was met with general delight, a few job offers and a fresh round of match-making – a fitting end to a chaotic but ultimately heart-warming summer.

Echoing the sentiments of many, resident Isabelle Collins told Ms. Darcy: “I’m…


this is what I printed on my shirt for the What’s Trending interview.  Sanditon fan stuff!

Wooo. the center art piece is from my shirt!!! :D


I’ve been offline for a good chunk of the day, and so I’m only now catching up with the reactions to today’s WTS episode. This one isn’t just a big episode for the series, but a big one for me personally.

When I initially pitched the idea of telling Gigi’s story through social media, I joking…



I was really lucky to be able to meet a lot of the cast of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries at Vidcon this year and go to the LBD panel! The whole cast is wonderful and they were definitely the highlight of Vidcon for me!   -Hana

We all thought these were really cool!



"Can I get a picture of the two of you?" - Me

"Together? Well Ed and Tom hate each other, I don’t know if we could just have them-" - Joel

"We could fight!" - Kyle

Kyle’s kick looks like it’ll land somewhere really painful…

(via spyscribe)



Vidcon was amazing.  Thanks for one of the best days of my life!

yup, that’s me. giving @thekylewalters bunny ears. I’m cool like that. 


Queued up 1.5 hours to get this signed by @TheLBDofficial cast at @Vidcon. 


@TheLBDofficial panel cast intro at @Vidcon. Note when i yelled the loudest :P


Pardon my yelling. :P @EmmaApproved reveal